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IT’S PLATONIC!!!!!!!!!

#I can’t even handle these shots dear lord #he looks so very lost #and so very guilty #and I just want to gather him in my arms and hug him #give him some kind of human contact that he only ever gets if he’s passing out and someone manages to catch him #and take his face between my hands and say ‘It’s going to be okay’ #We all make mistakes and if you can forgive two humans who went to hell and did horrible things in hell and on earth #you can forgive yourself

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inspired by (x)

[Part 1]

Supernatural | Text Post Meme - Part 2
[Part 1]

as you can see i take this show very seriously

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Jensen Ackles as Tom Hanniger in My Bloody Valentine.

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There was an episode I did of E.R. long, long ago, and at the end I’m leaning over the hospital bed and I remember thinking, like, “flex your arm, flex your arm!” , but I remember watching it and going, “why’d you flex your arm?” 

…So I try not to do any more flexing on camera.

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